About Kings Point and Getting Here

Discover Kings Point and everything Cayman Brac has to offer

About Kings Point & Getting Here

Kings Point is a luxurious, private ownership condominium development fronting on the beach and crystal clear turquoise sea.

Our goal is to delight you with the beauty and tranquility of our island paradise.

The most common way to arrive on Cayman Brac is by air through Grand Cayman. From Grand Cayman, Cayman Express operates up to six twin otter flights daily to the Brac. Cayman Airways operates a Boeing 737 once a day, 5 days a week between Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac. Currently, there is a jet flight direct from Miami USA to Cayman Brac once a week.

Things to do on Cayman Brac

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

Cayman Brac is considered one of the world’s premier scuba diving vacation destinations and is especially well-known for its shore diving. Cayman Brac is home to hundreds of varieties of fish, coral and marine life. The pristine beauty of the warm Caribbean Sea provides a spectacular marine environment for reef, wall and wreck diving. An official dive site – Kings Point – is located just outside your door and is easily accessed via the custom-built swim cut at the edge of the water.

Snorkeling is one of Cayman Brac’s greatest, easiest adventures and is an activity everyone can enjoy. The crystal clear waters and vibrant marine life on Cayman Brac are easily accessible for snorkelers.

Exploring Caves

Caves are abundant all around the island, offering adventure-seeking visitors a rare glimpse of delicate underground formations. Steps and, in some cases, ladders have been constructed to allow visitor access to more remote caves.

Hiking Trails

Walking and hiking trails allow exploration of the island’s dense forestation through the Nature Tourism Program. Unique flora and fauna thrive on Cayman Brac and can be easily observed from the trails. The Brac Parrot is one of the most beautiful birds to see on Cayman Brac and can usually be easily found when walking the Parrot Reserve Nature Trails.

Rock Climbing

Cayman Brac is now known as a world-class climbing destination, although you must be an experienced climber to climb here because the terrain is steep and sometimes vertical.

Cayman Brac has developed a niche position amongst some of the international rock climbing fraternity – not only due to the complexity and challenge of approximately 70 named “Climbs”, but also because of the ever-present beautiful back drops provided by blue skies and azure Caribbean seas.

Bird Watching

Cayman Brac offers bird-watchers many rich, diverse and easily gained opportunities comprising almost 200 part and full time species throughout the year, with October to April providing the highest numbers.

The island provides a safe stop-off location for many species, on their winter migration flights to warmer climates. Additionally, it is home to a number of summer breeding visitors, such as the elegant White-Tailed Tropicbird; however, perhaps of highest renown is the extremely rare Cayman Brac Parrot.


Cayman Brac’s waters are a splendid resource for the avid fisherman and provide ample opportunities for many exciting types of fishing, both onshore and offshore.

Great catches, including Blue Marlin, Yellow Fin Tuna, Wahoo, Dolphin (Mahi-mahi) and Barracuda can be had year round as close as a quarter mile offshore where the ocean floor drops off sharply, plummeting thousands of feet and creating a natural thoroughfare for the big migratory pelagic species prized by anglers. Occasional catches of White Marlin, Atlantic Sailfish and Atlantic Long-Billed Spearfish are also reported.

For years, these islands have been known as a destination for anglers seeking Billfish action close to shore. Although Blue Marlin caught in Cayman waters average 200 lbs. or less, they challenge anglers year round and marlin strikes occur as close as a quarter mile offshore.

Inshore, anglers can try for catches of yellowtail snapper, mutton snapper, grouper, blue runner and a variety of Jacks which are renowned fierce fighters, providing first-class light tackle action.

Local captains promote conservation and sportsmanship by encouraging anglers to release any fish, reef or pelagic, which are not to be eaten and all Billfish unless they are local records or potential prizewinners during tournaments.


Enjoy top-side sightseeing and exploration with a single or double kayak. Kayaks can be rented from the dive shops on Cayman Brac.


Bicycle riding is one of the easiest ways to explore the wonders of the Brac. There are 35 named and marked nature trails, including wetland trails, bird watching spots and historic landmarks.


Helicopter flights are a spectacular way to see the beautiful island of Cayman Brac and the pristine surrounding waters.

Little Cayman

Day trips to Little Cayman are a great way to explore the smallest of the Cayman Islands. They may be arranged by local charter boat or by a quick Cayman Airways Express flight.

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